Where To Watch Shark Tank India in USA

Where To Watch Shark Tank India in USA: Watch Here

If you enjoy following entrepreneurs and investor reality TV shows like Shark Tank, you might have also heard about Shark Tank India. This reality TV show is Aired on Sony Entertainment TV and various websites. However, some of these websites are geo-restricted, limiting access in other countries.  

So, where to watch Shark Tank India in the USA? You can watch Shark Tank India on Apne TV, BollyZone, and Sonny Pictures Entertainment India on YouTube. However, you can also use a VPN with multiple servers in India to watch the series on SonyLIV, MX Player, or YuppTV.

Read more to learn how to access these websites and watch Shark Tank Indian in any location, including the USA. 

What Is Shark Tank India?

What Is Shark Tank India

Shark Tank India is a reality TV show series aired on Sony Entertainment TV in Hindi. This unscripted series is just like Shark Tank USA, aired on ABC, where entrepreneurs make a pitch for a panel of potential investors. Some of these investors include the following.

  1. Aman Gupta
  2. Anupam Mittal
  3. Namita Thapa
  4. Peyush Bansal
  5. Vineeta Singh

This series was first aired on 20th December 2021 and currently has over 80 episodes available for viewing. It currently has two seasons, the second one first airing on 2nd January 2023. The third season is expected to be aired in December or January 2024 on SonyLIV.

Where To Watch Shark Tank India in the USA?

There are various websites where you can watch these reality TV series if you’re in the USA. The main issue is usually the geo-restrictions that streaming services use to comply with the distribution rights.

However, some websites are not geo-restricted, and you can watch content from another country from their current location. In this case, the following are the various websites where you can watch Shark Tank India in the USA.

Where To Watch Shark Tank India in the USA

1. Apne TV

Apne TV Entertainment Unlimited is one of the websites where you can watch Shark Tank India while in the USA. This website features News and reviews for Hindi Serials and Web series and has over 714,000 registered users.

The only downside of watching the series on this website is that they currently have season 1 only as of October 2023. However, the episodes are available in HD and have three links for Flash, PlayApne, and Smart TV.

Also, on the Apne TV website, Shark Tank India episodes are named after the day they were originally aired. For instance, episode 1 was aired on 20 December 2021. On the website, this episode has the name “20th December”, while the last one aired on 4th February 2022 is named “4th February.”

2. BollyZone

BollyZone is another website where you can watch Shark Tank India in other geographical locations, including the USA. This website contains various Indian TV series available at various qualities.

On the website, you can watch both Shark Tank India Season 1 and Shark Tank India Season 2. The only downside with the website is there are no HD qualities and 4K.

3. YouTube

You can also watch some episodes and full pitches from the past seasons on Sony Pictures Entertainment India YouTube.” This is the YouTube channel for the television that airs the show.

Watch Shark Tank India Youtube

Here, you can watch various episodes of the show and also some unseen pitches. They have a playlist for the full pitches only, which you can watch, especially if you are interested in specific ones.

This YouTube channel is not geographically limited, and one can watch in most countries, including the United States. However, if you’re looking for all the episodes in full, this might not be the best option. Consider the channel if you only want to watch specific pitches. 

Using a VPN to Watch Shark Tank India

While the above websites aren’t geo-restricted, and you can watch the show anywhere, the below you can’t. However, Virtual Private Network, VPN, allows you to bypass the restrictions and access the website.

You only need to download, install, and enable the VPN of your choice before you access the website. However, use software with multiple servers in India for better streaming speed.

Using a VPN to Watch Shark Tank India

The following are other websites where you can watch Shark Tank India in the USA using the VPN.

1. SonyLIV

SonyLIV is one of these websites where you can watch Shark Tank India in the USA using a VPN. If you are trying to access this website in the United States without a VPN, you’ll get an error message.

Once you have the VPN up and running, search for the show or click the following link- Shark Tank India, to access it. However, you’ll be required to make a subscription, which you should do to continue watching.

2. MX Player

MX player is another website where you can watch Shark Tank India while still in the United States, using a VPN. MX Player is also available as an app, allowing you to watch the show using your phone. You can also cast the show and watch it on a bigger screen.

Watch all the seasons of Shark Tank India on MX player offers after you have gained access using a VPN. Besides that, you can also watch other TV shows, movies, and music.

3. YuppTV

Using a VPN of your choice, you can also watch Shark Tank India while in the United States on the YPPTV website. This over-the-top entertainment solution provider allows you to stream your favorite Indian channels and watch TV shows and movies.

On the website, you can watch both seasons of Shark Tank for free on various platforms, including the Android App. 


Below are some common questions and answers related to Shark Tank India that you will find very useful.

Q1. Is Shark Tank India Available on Netflix?

Shark Tank India is not available on Netflix yet but is still expected to make its appearance someday. Currently, the show is only available on Sony Liv and some other online YouTube.

Q2. What VPN Allows You To Watch Shark Tank India On OTT?

In locations outside India, you’ll require a VPN with a subscription to stream or watch Shark Tank India. These VPNs must have several servers in India for better speed when watching.  SurfShark, Nord VPN, and PureVPN are some of the VPNs you can use.

Q3. Where Can I Download Shark Tank India?

If you’re looking to download Shark Tank India, you can use various websites. SonyLIV allows saving for offline use. However, you can use various websites, including Torrent Websites Like 1337x.to, to download the show.

Final Thoughts

One of the downsides of leaving your home country is that you also leave some of your favorite shows. In this case, where you’re a fan of Shark Tank India, all hope is not lost as you can watch shows on the suggested websites.

Some of the websites don’t have geo-restriction, and you won’t be required to use a VPN to access the show. However, some only work in India, and you’ll need to work around this restriction using a VPN. 

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